Welcome..... here you will find examples of the work that can be seen for sale at the shows listed on our schedule page. There are always many more designs to choose from.  Each piece is built with natural materials-  fossils, minerals, etc., and or sculptural elements of glass and metal that are carved and cast in the studio.   Occasionally "found" objects are also employed,  all to produce compositions with texture and dimension, and great visual interest.      

         The over all price range represented here is $650 to $7500 and is typical of what can be seen at each show.   We also have a new series of smaller pieces, not pictured here yet, in different sizes and prices starting at $225.   Another new feature.. shipping can now be arranged.   We look forward to meeting you in person.... 

UPDATE.... I encourage you to keep in touch and contact me directly while our shows are canceled. We will return to every show as soon as they are able to reopen and look forward to seeing everyone in person again!

                                           Please stay well!




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